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Coffee Tour

The history of Costa Rican coffee and its importance in the socio-economic development. Costa Rican culture and traditions.


Chocolate Tour

On the tour you will be completely immersed for 30 minutes within the world of chocolate enjoying its delicious aromas and learning about its history.


Sugar Cane Tour

You will extract the sugarcane the traditional way and then enjoy a glass of pure sugar cane juice as well as a few pieces of the cane itself.


Coffee Night Tour

Tour combining the tradition of coffee with Monteverde’s nocturnal activity

Don Juan CR


Ours Tours

Don Juan Coffe Tour, History and Tradition in a real costa rican coffee plantation

The History of Coffee Tour Don Juan dates back to when Don Juan Cruz was born in the year of 1937, to one of the first pioneering farming families that arrived to the Monteverde area.

For the most part of his life he has been associated with coffee plantations and for sharing his history and the culture of this land with many tourists, who frequently visited his small farm.

Don Juan Always makes sure to be to be accompanied by his dog Tequila.


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